This page is the full list of roles which can help your city, or if vacant can hinder it’s progress

A healthy kingdom has leaders filling a number of different roles. Each leader grants the kingdom different benefits; leaving a role unfilled can penalize the kingdom. In order for a Leadership role to grant its bonus, the character in that particular role must spend at least 1 week per month engaged in various leadership duties (during which time the PCs must be located within a hex that is part of their kingdom). For this campaign, it’s best to have the party pick the same week to dedicate to their administrative duties so that all of the PCs are all available for “adventuring duty” at the same time. A single character can only occupy one leadership role at a time.

This table is only an overview, look at the individual role’s page for more complete information

Role Name Key Stats Bonus Vacancy Penalty
Ruler Cha + to all saves +4 Unrest, can’t build things
Councilor Wis or Cha + Loyalty -2 Loyalty, no benefits from festivals, +1 Unrest
General Str or Cha + Stability -4 Stability
Grand Diplomat Int or Cha +Stability -2 Stability, can’t issue promotion edicts
High Priest Wis or Cha + Stability -2 Stability, -2 Loyalty, +1 Unrest
Magister Int or Cha + Economy -4 Economy
Marshal Dex or Wis +Economy -4 Economy
Royal Assassin Str or Dex -1 Unrest, + Loyalty no penalty
Spymaster Dex or Int + choice -4 Economy, +1 Unrest
Treasurer Int or Wis + Economy -4 Economy, cannot collect taxes
Warden Str or Con + Loyalty -4 Loyalty, -2 Stability


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