Victor Kursch


A native of the River Kingdoms, Victor spent little time in his hometown of Sevenarches. Most of his time was spent out in the wilderness, and in time he became a competent hunter. He would likely still be a simple hunter today had he not come upon a hidden bandit camp deep within the Shroudwood. He spied a cache of gold within the camp, more money than he had made in his entire life. Counting at least six sentries, he believed he could avoid each of them and escape with the prize. Indeed, it wasn’t until he had his first fistful of gold that he felt the tip of a blade lightly against the back of his neck.

Fortunately, he had made quite an impression on the bandit leader. Opting for a new vocation over a grisly death, Victor found his new calling. His formidable tracking, archery, and swordsmanship skills made for a potent addition to the gang. For months, they made life hell for merchants and rival bandits alike, waylaying anyone they came across as the roamed the River Kingdoms. However, the problem with indiscriminate banditry is discriminate bandits will take exception. Their notoriety started to catch up to them. Faces were recognized more often. Bounties got higher. It wasn’t long before all manner of mercenaries, adventurers, and even other bandits were hunting down the group. Thus, they decided it would be best to split off and lay low until the heat died down.

And so Victor came to Brevoy. Unfortunately, so too came several bounty hunters. Hoping to at last shake his pursuers, he has signed on to help chart the Stolen Lands.

Victor Kursch

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